Catering aérien

Mardi, 17 Février, 2015

Every great kitchen is open to the world !

The sense of taste is like a sense of adventure; eager for new experiences. Taste and travel speak the same language.

Davigel’s chefs have been putting this belief into practice daily for over 50 years now. Their mission? To create delicate, harmonious dishes which meet the high standards demanded by the foremost industrial catering professionals.

This is Davigel’s expertise and today we choose to bring you that expertise to enhance your success.

Through partnerships with the major airlines our goal is to contribute to your passengers’ satisfaction and bring you our added value: taste.

Our determination is based upon the application of the highest standards in food quality and safety.

And our intention is to offer you the services expected of a true partnership: the attentive service, reliability and responsiveness associated with a first class airline catering professional.

Your clients demand the best: give them a taste of the best.